Peeping Joey with Joey Mills and Drake Von

Oct 20, 2023

Pervy Joey Mills is up to the usual--jacking off while sniffing his roommate's underwear--when he hears him coming back with his girlfriend! Joey hides under the bed and has to listen as Drake Von fucks Aria Valencia, but he gets a delightful surprise: the condom full of Drake's cum dropped right in front of his face for him to taste. When Drake catches Joey in the act, Joey cums clean, and Drake decides to let Joey taste it fresh! He fucks the twink's mouth, then pounds Joey's ass missionary as the bottom asks for more. The top flips him over onto all fours to rim his hole, then fucks him doggystyle while slapping his ass! Drake penetrates Joey in spoon before the bottom sits on his dick, riding his roomie till he orgasms, then begging for Drake's load.


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