Norse Fuckers - Uncut with Tyler Berg, Malik Delgaty, Felix Fox, Sir Peter, Craig Marks, Dean Young and Papi Kocic

Dec 23, 2022

Enjoying their simple lives of fighting, carousing, and fucking their fellows, the Norsemen have no idea that a threat is on its way that could wipe them out forever. When a spy (Sir Peter) overhears god of chaos Loki (Felix Fox) tell a comely servant (Dean Young) about Dracock the Dragon's imminent arrival--and the location of long-lost god of thunder Thor (Malik Delgaty)--he hurries to inform the King (Papi Kocic). The Viking ruler persuades Loki to find Thor, and the trickster must find a way to convince his fellow god to give up his simple, peaceful life and join him in battle once again... and that way is his divine hole! Will the power of the gods be enough to save the Norse warriors' asses?


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