Jessica Ann - Bali Heat


Aug 19, 2014

Jessica Ann is insanely hot in this set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. On location in Bali, Indonesia, dark-haired Jessica gives in to her inner Amazon—stripping out of her pink bikini, her lightly-browned skin glistening in the sun, she's more than ready to show you what she's got. Before this, I'd never been to Indonesia, says Jessica. The weather is quite nice, and the beaches are lovely—late at night, you can hear the water crashing on the shore. Amid all that lush greenery, Jessica stands out as the rarest and most beautiful thing in the jungle. I love everything about my body, so I was quite eager to pose for Playboy Plus, she says. I'm an outgoing person, and honestly, I wanted to flaunt the body I've worked hard to achieve. Especially my butt, I've earned it! Heat things up with a little Jessica Ann, right here on Playboy Plus.


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