Evermore - Episode 1 with Olive Glass, Agatha Vega and Sophie Reade


Jan 6

Warrior princess Zara (Sophie Reade) is determined to defend her kingdom, and her new bookish stepsister, princess Leena (Agatha Vega) dreams of fighting at babe's side one day. But on the day an invasion of Hellions is foretold, the king locks both princesses away under guard. Busty blonde Zara tries to seduce her guard, without success, so she consorts with hot black-haired handmaiden Nayelle (Olive Glass) instead. When Leena hears the moans from the next room, she can't help peeking at the women kissing and licking each other's breasts, even touching herself while her stepsister and the maid eat each other's pussies! But will the princesses be ready when the Hellions steal the crown?


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