Brazzers - Masked Pleasure, Self-Indulgence with LaSirena69


Feb 11

LaSirena pays a visit to her friend's house for a girls' day, filled with nail-painting, gossip, and quality time together. Meanwhile, Vince, the boyfriend of LaSirena's friend, prepares to leave. As he overhears their conversation in the living room, he seizes the opportunity to impress LaSirena by discreetly revealing his well-endowed physique behind his girlfriend's back before heading for a shower. LaSirena likes what she sees and beckons Vince to hide behind the couch. LaSirena, thinking quick, whips up an extra-thick eye mask and applies it to her friend’s face and eyes, letting LaSirena and Vince fuck right under her nose! When she wants to take the mask off, Vince and LaSirena split for the bathroom where Vince feels up LaSirena’s thicc ass and perfect round tits before they fuck some more. When Vince’s girlfriend stumbles into the bathroom to wash off her eye mask, he hides in the shower with LaSirena and they fuck as he talks to his oblivious girlfriend! She leaves and Vince covers LaSirena’s face in hot cum, but when LaSirena’s friend sees her after and asks what brand of thick white facemask she has on … LaSirena’s not telling!


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