Scott DeMarco Can't Seem To Hold Himself Back From Admiring Pierce Paris Gorgeous Ass

Oct 25, 2019

The running butthole challenge has claimed yet another sweet hole as Pierce Paris finds himself having to explain to his very handsome doctor, Scott DeMarco, how he got his phone stuck up there. After a short struggle, Scott was able to dislodge the now ringing phone from Pierce's hole. As Pierce rushes to answer it, man starts teasing Scott with his perfectly round ass dangling in the air. Muscular Scott can't seem to hold himself back from admiring Pierce's gorgeous ass; man starts to slowly undress himself, revealing his massive, cut, hard cock. Still on the phone, Pierce tries his best not to give anything away which becomes difficult the moment Scott slides his beautiful cock deep inside him. As Scott starts thrusting away, Pierce hangs up the phone to give his full attention to rhythmically backing into Scott harder and faster until Scott flips him around and starts deep-throating Pierce's huge dick. After Pierce returns the favor, he gets his eager butt back on Scott's rock hard cock and the two continue to fuck on the floor of Scott's office until they both blow their wads on each other!


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