Dirty mommy Xev Bellringer needs only you pov

rokonudaspuh Feb 14
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Things started changing after the divorce. Mom became more intimate with you... always wanted to be close to you. But this was the first time she ever paid a midnight visit to your room. If only you weren't feverishly stroking yourself under the sheets right before the door opened... completely aroused by the time you noticed Mom's plump breast slipping out of the silk robe she barely tied closed. Your erection pushed harder than ever against the blankets. You knew it wasn't right, but you couldn't look away. There was no way Mom wouldn't notice your raging boner if she got in bed, but she wouldn't take no for an answer. She slipped in, so close your bodies almost touched... and asked why it was so hot under the sheets. What else could a young boy your age be doing in the middle of the night... Mom knew. And she wanted you to admit it. There was a look in her green eyes that you had never seen before, and her hand squeezed your stiffened dick. Mom whispered lovingly that you were the man of the house now... and that you needed to take care of each other. Her mouth had parted seductively and she closed her eyes, enjoying the hot, hard flesh of your cock in her palm.