Young Cheerleaders Lyra Law Cheers For Big Dick


Aug 7, 2017

Sexy teen Lyra Law has been dared by her fellow college cheerleaders to sneak into the guys locker room after the big game and pull down the last player's towel as he comes out of the shower. Lyra's her cheerleader squad just want to have a little fun with their newest recruit, but once Ms. Law realizes how big Sean Lawless' cock actually is, the truth comes out: Lyra is a huge slut who loves sucking big cock! Sean is shocked to find Lyra in the locker room and worried that he'll get kicked off the team if the coach catches him with a cheerleader, he's hesitant to give into this beautiful blonde. Only Lyra doesn't care about rules, she just cares--and cheers--about massive cock! Her cheer squad are shocked to see her drop to her knees and suck a huge dick! The coach might have said no sex before the big game, but he never said anything about pounding dripping wet sweet pussy afterwards!



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