Lesbea - Redhead Babe Shares In Lesbian Fun Ariel Guzman And Zuzana Z


Oct 13, 2018

Ariel and Zuzana hadn't seen each other in more than 8 months when we asked them to come together for us to film this scene. Everyone was very excited! It was intense when they started this scene, they were thirsty for one another, they've waited for this, but they didn't want to rush it, they wanted to take their sweet time and savor every patient moment. This scene is unhurried and intense, as they pass their mouths over one another you can hear every hungry breath, they resist the urge to rush it, they let it ache and build-up because it feels just so good. This scene is as the girls wanted it to be, it's totally real and authentic. They used their own personal dildos at their request, and had genuine orgasms. The moment where Zuzana touches Ariel's vagina as her wetness naturally gathers at her pussy-opening is spontaneous. We were just lucky enough to be able to capture this incredibly intimate and beautiful lesbian fucking.



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