Massagerooms - Masseuse Licks Out Hot Blonde's Wey Pussy Alisson Jameson And Lola Myluv

Sep 12

Lola really enjoys seeing her client relaxed and open from the enjoyment she is providing from her gentle touch. Her hands skim over Ally's heavenly body in slick, tailored movements and she can't help but pay extra attention to her heaving, pert breasts which sit proudly before her. As she lathers her swollen pussy in the warm, silky oil we see Ally begin to squirm with the stirrings of her wanting. Their bodies slick and open, Lola rubs herself on Ally's knee unable to tear herself away from her full chest, now oiled up and relishing her touch. The 2 girls are lost in a flurry of lust and passion as they give in to their every desire, need and fuck yourself.



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