Babes - The Fairer Sex Kirra Zen And Lena Love Always Solve The Problems So


Nov 21, 2017

Handymen always take their sweet time, don't they? But best friends Kira Zen and Lena Love end up finding a steamy way to make the minutes fly by... Tonight, their sexual tension is sparking more than the loose wire that's being fixed. Already late for an evening out, things reach boiling point when Lena tosses her lace panties into Kira's lap. Surrounding to the temptation of lesbian passion, Kira lets her gorgeous BFF give her pussy a hot licking. As Kira shivers into a dazzling orgasm, the leggy brunette can't wait to try tribbing with Lena, before pleasuring her with a Doggystyle fingerbang that sends their sexy-as-hell rendezvous up in flames.



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