Reality Kings - Side Bitch Scarlet De Sade


Mar 29

Scarlet de Sade is quite a devious character - besides her iconic tattoos, she also has an unforgettably slutty and mischievous personality. If you're not being the dirty little slut that your man craves - even if he'll never admit it - Scarlet will gladly fill in that role! You may be his precious princess, but he'll secretly yearn for that a cum-craving side bitch to slobber, fuck, and worship his dick like her life depended on it. Now, don't be silly, she doesn't want to KEEP your boy… She only wants to steal boy's away for carnal activities. Too shy to drool and spit on a dick, getting messy? Worried about being seen as an insatiable succubus? Scarlet might have an offer your delicate relationship can't deny…



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