RealityKings - Sucking Him Clean with Alexis Fawx


Sep 11, 2021

Commanding Alexis Fawx is an apostle of cleanliness. She will not let anyone in her household walk outside without making sure they are absolutely and definitely clean. Xander Corvus, her new boyfriend, will not escape her strict rules. First, she closely scrutinizes the guy's hands and ears. Xander is quite surprised when Alexis shoves her nose under his arm pits. The obsessed woman goes as far as ordering Xander to take off his clothes. As the naked boyfriend looks down on kneeled down Alexis, inches away from his dick, he can't help but get hard. Even though he just took a shower, Alexis isn't satisfied with her man's body. As the cleanliest person of the world, only her can thoroughly cleanse a man's cock with her own throat.


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