Lesbea - Young Girls Make Gentle Sex Anie Darling And Ashely Ocean


Aug 6, 2018

Sitting in a chair, Anie Darling spoons her raven haired lesbian lover Ashely Ocean while kissing her ears and neck. Anie slowly unbuttons Ashely's white gown, then kisses her with more passion. The ladies slowly undress while stimulating each other, then Anie licks Ashely's perky tits while simultaneously rubbing her pussy. As Anie rubs Ashely's clit, the latter lesbian moans in delight, then licks Anie's nipples. Fully naked now, Anie eats Ashley out and vigorously fingers her, bringing her to orgasm. After her girlfriend pleasures her so well, Ashely lies back in bliss. As she does so, Anie climbs on top of her face and sits on it, moaning as Ashely tongue fucks her pretty pussy. Ladies go, leaf through, lick, kiss and love each other, and then exhausts her from a strong orgasm in her pussy!



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