Brazzers - Let's Get Facials 4 with Maya Farrell and Cami Strella


Nov 14, 2023

After a stressful week Cami Strella takes Maya Farrel to unwind with a relaxing day at the spa. This spa, however, isn’t just like any other. With its curtained massage tables and its silent masseur, Dan Damage, the unconventional setup is perfect for Cami, who’s looking for more than just a rubdown – she wants some dick! While Dan oils up and massages the girls’ legs and feet, his skilled hands soon make their way to Cami’s pussy, fingering her while Maya is none the wiser. Cami soon can’t hold back and gives Dan a sneaky blowjob before they fuck on the table…And, of course, a day at the spa wouldn’t be complete without a facial!


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