Men - Cocksplay Uncut with Dante Colle Theo Brady Felix Fox Nick LA

Aug 1, 2021

Nerd icon Nick LA's unprofessional behavior at the convention to hype his newest game, Anal Cumbat, costs him his agent when she quits after catching him encouraging unicorn-costumed fan Theo Brady to suck his cock under the table. That's fine, because Nick would much rather take Theo back to the green room and penetrate his hole with a unicorn horn dildo! The twink even rides his cock and takes a creampie. But Nick's absence means the arcade demo of Anal Cumbat is alone and unguarded... and cosplaying fans Dante Colle and Felix Fox decide to sneak in and check it out, only to find themselves zapped inside the game, where they suddenly sport big muscles and even bigger hard-ons. After defeating an enemy with a cock blaster, Dante blasts Felix's hole with his own dick in doggystyle, and the guys are soon transported back to the real world, where they hide from the security guy to keep fucking. Felix takes Dante's big dick deep in his hole, and as the security guard comes to find them, he takes a facial from each of them!


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