Lesbea - Brunettes Gag With Pussies In Bed Abigail Ash And Anie Darling


Jul 15, 2018

Dressed is a breathtaking white lingerie ensemble, Anie Darling and her purple clad lesbian lover are kissing softly in their bedroom. The raven haired hotties start to kiss more enthusiastically, then Anie slides behind her lover to kiss her neck. As Abigail enjoys the feeling of Anie's warm breath on her soft neck, Anie slides a hand into Abigail's panties and begins to stimulate her pussy. As this happens, Abigail slowly pulls down the straps of Abigail's outfit and starts pleasuring her boobs. Abigail lifts a leg up onto the couch, and Anie gets on her knees to eat her pussy, then the ladies kiss some more before a sexy 69 and face sitting led to an orgasm of wet pussy!



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