Massageroom - Hot Tight Slick Tanned Body Fucked Shalina Devine Massage Oil

Mar 5

Beautiful masseur Max Dior gives brunette MILF Shalina devine the deep tissue massage she craved, stretching all her tension as he lifts first one hand over her head, then the other before pressing her thumbs and talented fingers into her tight muscles until they relax. Max massages her graceful legs and slides his hands over the smooth skin of her calves, then instructs Shawl to roll over so he can give her tanned back a sensual rubdown. She gasps with pleasure as max's oily hands find her big Breasts and slide down to her thighs, teasing her Clit along the way and when he rubs her pussy, Shalina has to massage his cock with her mouth! Shalina gets on all fours so her massage therapist can deeply penetrate her pussy in doggy style before she rides his cock and after another taste of that dick she takes a deep missionary fuck until Max cums on her big Tits and tight belly he cums in her pussy !



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